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Utilizing the power of suction vortex technology, this service sloughs off dead skin cells to improve the skins overall texture and stimulate natural collagen production and cell turnover rate. Hydra-Resurfacing helps combat fine lines, acne, acne scars, dull/dry skin, oily-acne prone skin, and increased product absorption into the skin. This facial is only 25 minutes, perfect for those on the go and want immediate results. The facial includes cleansing, Hydra-Resurfacing, customized mask, under-eye mask, facial serums, and SPF.

ADD ON OPTIONS - Salicylic Acid chemical peel - $55 for oily and acne prone skin. FITZ 1-3 only.

- TCA chemical peel - $75 for hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dull complexion, acne. FITZ 1-6.



Microdermabrasion is great for almost all skin types, but not all. Here is a comprehensive (but not all inclusive) list of who can NOT get Hydra-Resurfacing.

- Current/History of rosacea

- Use of Accutane (isotretenion) 

- Pregnancy

- Scerldoma

- Lupus

- Severe, cystic inflammatory acne

- Active cold sores 

- Severe eczema

- Psoriasis 

- Recent chemical peel (wait 2 weeks)

- Retin A (wait 1 week)

- Active sunburn

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